The history of the NEVATON LTD dates from 1947 when the acoustic laboratory was based at the Leningrad optical and mechanic association. Then in 1954 the laboratory joined the newly formed Scientific and industrial association named SCREEN. In 1991 was formed the independent NEVATON LTD enterprise.

In all of the widest activity of the enterprise there is one thing that is stable and constant – elaboration and industry of professional microphones for recording studios and radio, TV and film studios. The highest technical degree of the specialists and the material base of the enterprise that includes the unique sound raging chambers let us produce the microphones of the best quality. In 2001 at the ECHOCHAMBER studio in Switzerland as a result of the world`s microphone tests the NEVATON LTD microphones won two first positions. The NEVATON LTD microphones are sold in a great number of countries all round the world, including USA, U.K., Germany, Japan, Sweden, Finland and many others.

Results of tests in Switzerland in 2001                            Look on the site

Rang Mikrophon Punkte  Durchschnitt
1 Nevaton MC416 231 7.70
2 Nevaton MC51 226 7.53
3 Neumann Tlm103 217 7.23
4 Rode NTK 209 6.97
5 Rode NT1000 207 6.90
6 AKG 414 TL ll 191 6.37
7 AKG C3000B 174 5.80
8 Neumann M147 156 5.20
9 AT 4047 154 5.13
10 AT 3035 151 5.03
10 CAD E-100 151 5.03
12 Behringer B-2 142 4.73

Source - www.echochamber.ch
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